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Fall harvest slowed by rain

Weather forecasts filled with rain have certainly not been an enjoyable sight for local farmers as they have been waiting for fields to dry out so they can harvest the crops that they have been carefully growing all season long.

Photo by Michael Bauman

According to the National Weather Service, Tea received approximately up to 8 to 10 inches of rain within the last 30 days .

Within the last seven days, Tea’s unofficial NWS observations have been around 2 - 3 inches of rain.

The fall rains have not been the only inconvenient weather events this year. On June 17-18, a slow-moving cold front and surface low, thanks to the remnants of Tropical Depression Bud, dumped a swatch of 1-4 inches of rain from northeastern Nebraska to Southwestern Minnesota, hitting the Sioux Falls area in the process, according to the NWS. Plus, on June 21 - 25, a week of heavy rainfall was said by the NWS to create major flooding as well.

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