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Fareway to purchase Sunshine Foods

Shoppers at the local Tea Sunshine Foods have no doubt noticed something different in the last few weeks as shelves continued to seem more barren than customers are use to. The only information from store employees was that a change was soon to be announced, and that announcement came on Monday.

Fareway Stores, Inc. has agreed to purchase the Sunshine Foods grocery store, located at 720 E 1st Street in Tea, South Dakota. Fareway intends to acquire the property and remodel the existing store to transform it into a Fareway.

Right now and throuFareway to purchase Sunshine Foodsgh the transition period, local owners Kyle and Deb Svanda will continue to manage the store. The Svanda’s have owned the Tea Sunshine for the past 12 years.

“Tea is a growing and thriving community; one that we proudly call home,” said Sunshine Foods Operator Kyle Svanda. “We are excited about what Fareway can bring to the residents of Tea. We look forward to working with them through this transition period and in the future, and hope the support for Fareway is strong and welcoming. On behalf of Deb, Payton, Riley and I, we want to thank you for the wonderful support over the last 12.5 years.”

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