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Dr. Chris Lane files patent for pregnancy pillow

One local chiropractor has now been able to add the title of ‘inventor’ to his resume after working to develop a special pillow designed to bring pain relief to pregnant women. The pillow is in the final stage of being patented.

Dr. Christopher Lane of Tea Chiropractic and Rehab is one of the four chiropractors that are the founders of the Tummy Cradle.

The Tummy Cradle is an inflatable pillow with strategically placed gaps and supports that allow a pregnant women some much needed relaxation and comfort. It is designed with three different gaps: one for the face, the breasts, and for the belly of a pregnant woman. This design allows a pregnant woman to lay down in a way that eliminates pressure on her abdomen and breasts while simultaneously relieving the intense pressure that a woman might feel in her spine during pregnancy. The pillow allows for momentary relief during the day and wasn’t necessarily designed for sleeping.

“It’s designed to kind of lay on, get that temporary relief, to take some pressure of their mid-backs, their necks, their lower backs, it’s much more for that,” he explained.

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