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Local Tea family shares their adoption journey

After taking a unique and special journey towards bring- ing an adoptive child into their lives, one Tea couple has been a beacon to show the importance of adoption to those who are considering doing so and of the adoption needs, both domestic and international.

Scott and Naomi Rieland set down the long but rewarding path to adoption and are the proud parents of MeiElla, who was lovingly adopted from China by the Rielands.

After going through three miscarriages, Naomi Rieland explained how enduring a loss like that again was not something she wanted to endure. She later spent hours researching and looking at websites, blogs, articles, and even connecting with other adoptive families. Eventually she was connected with her future daughter.

“I was the dreamer of the two of us, and Scott was the realistic one keeping me in check. When we saw the picture of our daughter on an email, we knew instantly she was ours. There was no waiting, no putting it off. It was go time,” she explained.

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