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Jingle all the way - tLINK spreading Holiday cheer

Some lucky residents of Tea might have gotten a cheery surprise this week. Aside from the usual Amazon packages that tend to pile up on front steps this time of year, community members could potentially find something else sitting on their porches for them. The tLINK group has been spreading holiday cheer by ‘Jingling’ people’s doorsteps.

If you’ve been ‘Jingled’ it means that tLINK has dropped off a tote full of Holiday goodies in a plastic bin at your place. Recipients have the option to enjoy the goodies and to pass on the fun by refilling the bin and dropping it off to someone else in the community. tLINK started delivering these boxes on Monday, November 26.

In each bin, alongside the original goodies from tLINK like socks, candy canes, cookies, stuffed animals, and more, is a flyer informing the recipient of what the bin is and what they can do next.

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