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Local Tea Area High School students chosen as illustrators for Holiday coloring book

Tea Weekly and The Lennox Independent announced earlier this month the illustrators chosen for the 2018 Holiday Coloring Book.

Artists that were chosen from Tea High School include: Phoebe Flaskey, Grade 11 (Cover Art — $25 winner); Ellie Ritter, Grade 10; Mineya Afa Grade 10; Elizabeth Hartl, Grade 11; Corey Mechels, Grade 12; Ezra Hagen, Grade 11; and Natalie Holland, Grade 9.

“This is one of my favorite projects,” said Publisher Kelli Bultena. “Each year we get great illustrations from the students and this year was no exception.”

Bultena also offered special thanks to the art teachers in both of the districts, “A special thank you to art teachers, Stephanie Kaiser, Tea Area High School, and Emily Maras, Lennox High School for encouraging these talented artists to submit their work.”

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