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Conditional use permit granted for Tea’s first animated billboard

Tea is a step closer to getting a new electronic addition. At the Monday, December 17, Tea Council meeting the council approved a conditional use permit for an off-premise billboard sign. Now drivers going down Heritage Parkway won’t be bored anymore, the billboards in the site plan and design are two-sided, with one side a static and unmoving vinyl and the other an animated LCD sign.

The plan has the sign located on the southern portion of the Pizza Ranch property at 801 E. Brian Drive. This property is the Tract 1 of the Nine Mile Heights Addition. The sign would not be for Pizza Ranch but is instead a project meant to allow multiple advertisers. The project for the billboard is being worked on by 02 Media and Pride Neon, Inc.

The digital side of the sign, which is designed to face to the North, is stated to be 22’ long and 11’ feet wide. The static vinyl side to the South was presented to the council as being 24’ long and 12’ wide. The dual billboard is currently designed to be 40’ tall.

According to the Tea Zoning regulations, Sec. 11.07, off-premise signs such as this one have to have a maximum size of 288 sq. feet and height of 40 feet.

The LCD sign is supposed to be dimmed at night in accordance with DOT standards and the current plan has the boards directed away from residential property. According to the rep, the sign has controls that luminates it during the date and dim it at night.

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