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City council unable to take any action on Hagedorn annexation

A full room of property owners attended the April 16 Tea City Council meeting to talk about the possible annexation of the Hagedorn Industrial Park.

Mayor John Lawler first brought the group up to speed on what was happening with the area. The city received a petition for annexation. They needed some more information and sent the petition back. It was submitted again with 79-80 percent of the valuation of the lots in favor. Some of those who were in favor rescinded their approval and by Monday’s city council meeting the approval was at 74.8 percent and they need to be at 75 percent to move forward with annexation.

Lawler made it known that the city is not forcing anyone to do anything and has provided information to both sides and listened to both sides.

“My goal has been that we are not forcing anything. We will do what they want to for annexation, but we are growing that way,” Lawler said.

Lewis & Clark Regional Water System executive director Troy Larson led the petition effort toward annexation. His plan has been based on HDR’s breakdown of costs and how the city would charge if it was a city project. They excluded Harvard Integrations to reach the 75 percent approval level. He noted that it is fairly common to exclude parcels on the edge of developments.

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