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Environmental study begins on 85th Street project

More than 100 people attended the public meeting on the environmental study and preliminary design for an interchange at Interstate 29 and 85th Street in Tea April 17.

Shannon Ausen, principal engineer for the City of Sioux Falls, said the city has been approved for an overpass at 85th Street by the Federal Highway Administration. The city had an interchange in their long-range plan, however, property owners in the vicinity wanted to move forward now.

“The property owners adjacent to the area felt that they wanted to move forward with an interchange study, which is what we’re doing now,” Ausen said.

The environmental documentation of the area has just begun and Ausen expects that process to take 12-24 months. But, since the city has already done the legwork for an overpass, she is optimistic that the environmental study for an interchange at the same area could be closer to 12 months.

Ausen noted that the property owners are the ones who have contracted with the company to do the environmental documentation for the interchange. The City of Sioux Falls, the City of Tea, Lincoln County, South Dakota Department of Transportation and Delapre Township are all partners in 85th Street project.

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