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Civil Air Patrol charters unit in Tea

The Civil Air Patrol chartered another unit at the Experimental Aircraft Association building in Tea this week.

South Dakota Wing commander Col. David Small Jr. noted that there are eight units across the state and the new one at Tea is the second one in the Sioux Falls area.

Small presented the charter to unit commander Jerry Foy at an open house May 28.

“The Sioux Falls charter is approximately 50 years old. We just started in February and now we’re getting our charter that says we do exist,” Foy said. “We are based at the Experimental Aircraft Association.”

Foy said being based out of the EAA building at the Tea airport is outstanding because they share the same space and work together.

“We’re very symbiotic in that they have a lot of pilots who have been flying for many years. We have people who have been flying not as much. It’s a shared environment and we’re happy to be here,” Foy said.

Small noted that the Civil Air Patrol is an auxiliary of the Air Force and every state has a wing. While they are an auxiliary of the Air Force, most of the members do not have a military background.

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