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New retail store opens at Tea exit

A new shopping experience at the Tea exit offers unique items to shoppers.

Owner Stacey Namminga opened Stacey’s Vintage Art Boutique in the former Pickers Antique Mall at the Tea exit April 1. Namminga has owned the building for a few years and when it opened up in November, she was getting calls from various vendors about renting space.

“When I marketed the building, the people that were calling me, were people that handmake their own items,” she said. “They were looking to rent space, so I said to my husband, ‘I guess we’re opening our own store.’”

Namminga has custom and handcrafted items in her home. She has a lot of artwork and one-of-a-kind items.

“I appreciate that type of thing anyway, so when they were calling me, I was like I think that would be a great idea because I really enjoy those type of items anyway,” she said.

When they opened April 1, they had a handful of vendors. A couple of months later they are full with 70 vendors. Most of the vendors make their own items. However, there are a handful of boutiques. Most of the vendors are from the area; a couple from Le Mars and Corsica.

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