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Cleaning business expands

Cassandra Rollman started her cleaning business, Never Better Cleaning, last September in her apartment and garage.

After growing to three employees, Rollman decided it was time to move her business to its own space. She found a location on First Street in Tea in April.

“Once it got beyond me just working and I had to hire employees, I have more equipment and supplies. I definitely needed more storage,” she said.

Her business provides cleaning for residential homes and businesses. However, most of their business is residential because they only work during the day during the week.

Cleaning can be done on whatever schedule the customer chooses. Rollman said most people choose to have biweekly cleaning. Most of the time that means Rollman’s team will clean a customer’s home at the same time and same day every two weeks. For some clients, they clean once a week and others once a month.

“It’s whatever they prefer us to do. Currently we do have a very full schedule,” she said.

Rollman notes that they are not maids, so they do not make people’s beds or do the dishes.

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