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Herr goes off school board after 14 years of service

Tea Area School District board of education president John Herr attended his last meeting July 8.

Herr came on board two years after the district split from Lennox. His first board meeting was July 11, 2005, which was the same as his first day at his current job as a controller for Dakota Fluid Power.

He decided not to run for another term this year because he was getting busier with his job and he was comfortable with the administration and other board members continuing their good work.

“Things are changing and getting more busy. This happened six months ago where I started knowing that I wasn’t spending the amount of time and really dedicating myself to the school board like I had for 13 and a half years,” Herr said. “I didn’t feel comfortable proceeding any further than I did like that. It wasn’t going to be right to the district to have me there at 75 percent.”

He noted the district is in good hands with the current administration and the board members. He was also happy to see an election for his spot.

“I was very excited to see we had interest and we had an election even without me running,” he said.

During his time on the board, Herr is proud of the district — where it came from to where it is now. His first meeting was in the old St. Nicholas church building and the high school was being built.

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