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Tea Area Alumni Launch Travel Website: VacayLife

Many people dream of quitting their day jobs in exchange for making a career out of hobbies they are passionate about. While most people don’t take the leap to start their own business, Paul Fitz and Tarin Smallfield, best friends since the second grade did just that. They are the founders and co-owners of an online travel site called VacayLife. Paul and Tarin have set out to change the way that people book vacations by launching their online vacation booking service on July 28. The official website is

The vision for VacayLife came from their shared passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures. In their travels, Paul and Tarin quickly discovered that the conventional way of booking vacations is very expensive. That’s why they set out to develop a method of finding the best deals on flights, hotels/Airbnb’s, and car rentals that cuts out the time, energy, and uncertainty of missing out on a better deal. Paul and Tarin found out pretty quickly that this method worked not only for their travel but allowed them to help others fulfill their dreams of seeing the world without breaking the bank. Their unique method allows them to forecast the least expensive days to travel.

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