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Construction boom on Heritage Parkway

If you’ve driven down Heritage Parkway in the last two weeks, you’re sure to have noticed dirt moving.

In addition to the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store going up between Dollar General and Casey’s, two Tea businesses broke ground last week. Octane Ink started constructed on the north side of Dollar General and Squealer’s Smoke Shack started dirtwork on the west side of the GrandStay Hotel and Suites.

Octane Ink owner Jon Powell said this building project took a lot of planning. He estimates the process began two years ago. They had looked at many different pieces of property in Tea and finally settled on the land on Heritage Parkway.

“We were specific because we have to have a little front access, we want some exposure there, but we need to have access from the back,” Powell said. “Not every lot was going to work for us.”

He said he always wanted a space on Heritage Parkway because he thought those spots would be prime locations.

“This property just worked out phenomenally. This is where I always wanted to be. I wanted to be somewhere next to the hotel because this is going to be some prime spots,” Powell said.

Squealer’s owner Dustin Kuipers agrees that Heritage Parkway is an ideal place to put his business. His location is on the corner of Heritage Parkway and Highway 106.

“It’s a busy corner. We’ll have the GrandStay here, which will help a lot. They’re always looking for places to eat so we’ll be convenient for them as well. It’s good exposure for the traffic count,” Kuipers said.

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