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Middle school principal returns to building after two years in elementary

Tea Area Middle School principal Michael Bullis has returned to the building after spending two years at Legacy Elementary.

When Bullis joined the school district staff seven years ago, he was hired as the middle and high school counselor. After spending four years as counselor, he served as the Legacy Elementary assistant principal.

“I’m lucky. The majority of the staff that were here when I served the middle school prior, are still here. They’ve added some positions so that’s pretty exciting,” he said.

He is getting to learn what some of the new classes mean and meet the new teachers. Bullis said he has gotten to see the familiar faces of parents and students.

“It’s also been exciting to be able to work with some of the students who were at Legacy. Our sixth-graders were fourth-grades when I was there the first year,” Bullis said. “I know some students, a lot of familiar faces as well, so that made it a pretty seamless transition.”

Bullis started transitioning from the elementary to the middle school last spring with previous middle school principal Chris Fechner. Bullis said Fechner was a great mentor for him.

“He actually hired me for my position with the middle and high school a long time ago. I had the opportunity to work with him to kind of prepare for what it means to be an administrator for the middle school,” he said.

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