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Servpro expands business in Tea

Adam Birger and his wife, Jessica, brought Servpro to Tea five years ago.

When they opened Servpro in Tea, that was the first time the national company had a franchise in every state. Today, there is also a Servpro in Rapid City.

Since that time, they have moved into a larger building, added a warehouse space and now an office on Heritage Parkway. Birger expects to be moving offices into the space in Riverview Plaza at the beginning of October.

“We’ve grown a lot in the last two years so obviously we’ve had continuous growth throughout the five years, but the last two years especially we’ve really hit a growth spurt,” he said. “As we continue to grow, we’re adding resources in other areas and then we’ve added a lot of employees.”

Birger has grown the company from he and his wife the first year to 15 employees today.

“Our goal is to continue to get larger and help as many home and business owners as we can. When we see them, it’s usually because something bad happened and that’s actually why we started our business,” he said.

Birger relayed that they had personal property damage in their own home that they have lived in since 2007 in Tea. When they were looking to leave their retail jobs and start their own business, the Birgers wanted to go into a business that helps people.

“We know how they feel and we can really relate to them and help them get through this,” Birger said. “We love what we do. The thing that we always say is we care because we’ve been there. We’ve been through it before.”

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