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Get to know your county commissioners: Tiffani Landeen, District 3

County commissioner Tiffani Landeen started on the commission for District 3 in January for her first term.

District 3 consists of the city of Sioux Falls south of 57th Street and west of Louise Avenue, including the precincts of 1-12, 1-13, 1-14, 1-15 and 1-16.

Landeen, who has lived at her current residence in the southwest side of Sioux Falls since 2014, decided to run for the commission after speaking with other commissioners who thought she might be good at it.

“I talked with my husband a little bit and he thought I’d be good at it. We just decided to throw the hat in the ring,” she said.

Landeen grew up in Sioux Falls and has lived in the area most of her life. She graduated from Creighton University with a degree in business administration before going to the University of South Dakota for law school.

She became state’s attorney in Turner County in 2005 and lived in Parker. She left in 2012 and lived south of Parker with her husband and three step-children until moving to Sioux Falls in 2014.

Today she runs her own law office in downtown Sioux Falls, where she does mostly divorce and custody work. She also works on the involuntary committals for drug and alcohol treatment for Minnehaha County.

For the commission, Landeen wants to see things implemented that the county has already spent money on. She also wants to see additional funding for roads and bridges.

“We did the mass transportation project and that study. With all the recommendations that they were making to keep the roads up to snuff, that’s one thing I want to see get done is get some additional funding for the roads and the bridges,” she said. “All the time people are coming in and wanting a bridge fixed or their road fixed.”

She noted her frustration over not getting the county road and bridge levy passed earlier this year.

“That was really frustrating since the county definitely needs a new revenue source if we’re going to do all the things the people are asking us to do with the roads and fixing bridges,” Landeen said.

They are also working on a drainage plan for the county. Building a jail is also a priority. Landeen said now the sheriff’s office is transporting prisoners elsewhere.

“They’re spread out up to 13 different places. It’s a safety issue and it increases the expense for public defenders office,” she said. “I just think it’s really inefficient, we can do something better for the people and hopefully at a cost savings.”

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