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Morgan Lane Village celebrates 10 years

Staff and residents celebrated 10 years at Morgan Lane Village Nov. 15.

Current administrator Chad Hindberg and his wife, Roberta, who was the administrator until March, enjoyed visiting about the facility’s 10 years in business. Roberta noted that she started with Morgan Lane the day it opened, the day before Thanksgiving in 2009.

“It was brand new at the time,” she said.

Roberta, who took another nursing position, continues to work for Morgan Lane as an RN consultant. She has also been a backup for Chad, who worked in service coordination prior to Morgan Lane, as he transitions to administrator.

“He’s stepped into and definitely been very successful at it,” she said.

Roberta said their three children, now 17, 16 and 13, have basically grown up at Morgan Lane.

“We’ve kind of raised our kids here. They’ve volunteered and been involved throughout the time here. They’ve got to watch them grow and become part of their family as well,” she said.

Chad notes that they have six people on staff and the facility is currently full. Most of the residents are elderly, who are unable to live on their own.

Roberta noted that some residents need help with diet control or medication administration. Others might need therapy a few times a week, which they get at Morgan Lane.

She also said that their staff has not changed much in the last 10 years.

“We have very low turnover. I think that’s a wonderful thing in healthcare this day and age,” she said. “It’s so hard to have consistency because people want to move on to bigger and better things. When our staff leave, it’s because they have furthered their education or moved away. It’s not because they’re unhappy or don’t like what they’re doing.”

The facility’s activity director works to keep the residents busy. She schedules an activity in the morning and one in the afternoon. Chad said those activities include bingo and playing cards. They also like to get out of the building and go on shopping trips, fairs and pontoon rides.

“We do offsite activities as well. We went to a Canaries game and the zoo,” Chad said.

The Hindbergs noted that the residents enjoy it when children come to visit. Chad said they had some daycares come in and trick-or-treated with the residents.

Roberta said the residents also enjoy it when the school children come in to make cookies or perform their Christmas songs. She remembers when they had the second grade Christmas concert at Morgan Lane.

“The Tea schools have been really wonderful in supporting us,” she said.

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