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New Jersey native starts company in South Dakota

Bill McGuckin moved to South Dakota two years ago after growing up in New Jersey and living there with his wife and children for 15 years.

They made the move at the end of 2017 after his wife, who is originally from Milbank, told McGuckin how she felt alone in a sea of people on the East Coast. At the time, he was a senior vice president for a global clinical research organization and traveling a lot.

“I had traveled 90 nights that previous year and with six children, it was a little bit difficult,” he said.

Now with seven children, McGuckin and his wife are enjoying living in Tea where his sister and brother-in-law also live with their 10 children. The couples partnered to buy Sylvan Learning Center in Sioux Falls eight months ago.

In addition to Sylvan, McGuckin has a business partner in New Jersey and the two of them launched the recruiting company Oxenham Nov. 18. The company is based at the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship in Northern Sioux Falls.

McGuckin has been pleasantly surprised by the business climate in the area and the genuineness people have in learning more about him.

“We fell in love with the business climate in general,” he said.

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