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Tea Area Community Foundation exceeds goal

The Tea Area Community Foundation met and exceeded their goal of $15,000 this year.

Sara Johnson, TACF secretary, said they were about $1,400 short of their goal Dec. 11. They made a final push after that and were able to exceed the goal, thanks to support from the businesses in the community.

DeGeest Steel Works helped them finish off the year on a positive note. The company always does a Christmas project and this year they chose TACF. They felt strongly that TACF does a lot to support the whole community.

“This year $15,000 was our goal because if we made that Roger Haugo from Valley Exchange Bank would donate $5,000. That would get us to 20 then. We’re more than 20 now,” Johnson said.

With the money raised from DeGeest, Haugo and $2,000 from the South Dakota Gives prize pool for the foundation’s #ForSouthDakotaFashion win, TACF has had an exciting month. With the money raised, they are excited to award grants in April.

“I was just astounded. It was the neatest thing,” Johnson said.

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