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Bam Bam’s BBQ Sauce created by local resident

Dan Bamsey knows flavor.

After spending eight years in the meat locker business, this Tea resident has perfected his BBQ sauce recipe and started his own business last year.

Bamsey said, “It comes from my meat locker days, I was playing with the recipe back then, and customers would ask me to make it for them.”

Although Bamsey left the Meat Locker business several years ago, he pursued the hobby of creating his unique BBQ sauces and blends of spices. Once COVID hit, he left his corporate job and started making home batches of his BBQ sauce. Those batches were shared with neighbors and they offered their suggestions. Once Bamsey felt it was perfected he took his sauce through the bottling process, and he was able to get all the government approval he needed; the whole process took about three to four months.

Bam Bam’s BBQ Sauce now comes in regular and zippy. The latest flavor, “Zippy” is fresh on the market, just getting approval a few weeks ago. Bamsey said that every new recipe has to go through the approval process so that testing and labeling are accurate.

The Zippy flavor of sauce uses different spices and has a hint of habanero. Bamsey said it’s about a seven on the heat scale.

“My neighbor, Dave Van Tol, and his family were my guinea pigs,” said Bamsey.

Bamsey unveiled his BBQ sauce at a Junkin’ Market Days event, which is organized by his wife of 27 years Kerry Bamsey. This two-day market features Repurposed, Rustic, Shabby Chic, Farmhouse, Vintage & One-of-a-Kind finds. And one of a kind is how Bamsey describes his sauce.

“I could never find a BBQ sauce I liked,” said Bamsey, “This is something I always wanted, a little more zest.”

He said the sauce works for a lot of different meats, he uses it as a soaking sauce for pork loins; he soaks it for five days and then dehydrates the meat for jerky. Bamsey said it’s a vinegar-based BBQ so it’s not as thick as some sauces. He splashes it on shrimp on the grill. He said it’s great on ribs, and a lot of people use it for dipping sauces for all kinds of meat and even French fries.

“One guy said he even uses it in his meatloaf,” said Bamsey.

Currently, Bam Bam’s BBQ Sauce is available in Tea at Ace Hardware, Fareway, Lee’s Meats, and HyVee Dollar Fresh; in Lennox at Ace Hardware. It is also available in the following locations: Ace Hardware in Dell Rapids, Brandon, Harrisburg; Fareway in Sioux Falls and Harrisburg; HyVee Dollar Fresh in Harrisburg; Scheels in Sioux Falls; The Renner Corner Locker; Sunshine in Madison; Creekside Meats and Stomping Grounds in Hartford; Josiah’s Coffeehouse in Sioux Falls; and 605 Meats in Chester.

Bamsey is also now working with a local bottling company so the product will be entirely created and produced in Tea, South Dakota. Bamsey said keeping things local is important to him.

“The labels were created by Octane Ink,” he said. “I want to keep everything local. Ace and Fareway, the City of Tea, and the people who know me have supported me well.”

Bamsey and his wife have lived in Tea for 25 years, the couple has three children.

In addition to shopping locally, Bam Bam’s BBQ Sauce is available online at

What is planned for the future?

Bamsey said right now he is focused on getting his sauce into the hands of South Dakotans. He also would like to expand his product line to include a bloody mary mix and a Jamaican jerk mix.

“It takes a lot of time to get the recipe where you want it,” said Bamsey, “But I don’t release it until it’s perfect.”


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