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City approves cannabis license renewals

The Tea City Council met Jan. 9 after having to move the meeting from Jan. 2 due the snowstorm.

Councilors Aaron Otten and Joe Weis were absent. They council added an agenda item for executive session for personnel.

The council approved the cannabis license renewals for The Tea Tree and Pure Bliss Cannabis. Pure Bliss Cannabis’ location changed from 2015 Merchant St. to 1910 E. Gateway Blvd, Suite 4. Representatives from Pure Bliss expects them to be operational at that address by mid-summer.

They held the first reading of ordinance 299, the adoption of the 2021 building codes and amending the sections on international building code, residential code, property management code, existing building code and mechanical and fuel gas code. Former councilman Todd Boots spoke from his involvement with the Sioux Empire Homebuilders Association and said that adopting these codes will align with the city of Sioux Falls so builders building in Sioux Falls and Tea are using the same set of codes.

The council approved the second reading of ordinance 297, a rezone of tract 1 in GC Estates Addition from agriculture to R2 residential. The first phase is for mostly single-family homes.

They did not hold the second reading of ordinance 298, 2022 supplemental appropriations as they are waiting from some bills to post.

The council approved the pay applications for the Tea Law Enforcement Center from Visions Construction Group for $42,800 and the Hagedorn Industrial Park from Asphalt Surfacing Company for $52,281.58. City administrator Dan Zulkosky said they will have more pay apps for the law enforcement center as the mezzanine still needs paint and they are having trouble with the furnaces in the front entryway.

Councilman Jim Erck asked Zulkosky to send out a message about digging out fire hydrants around town. HDR engineer Ben Scholtz noted that in the past they have received building plans from the school district really late in the process. Mayor Casey Voelker said he has met with the superintendent about this topic.

Councilwoman Ruby Zuraff questioned the ball field process and snow removal. She questioned the need for more ball fields as she had hear requests for dog parks and pickle ball courts. Zulkosky noted they have been working on adding more ball fields for a few years and are now in the design phase with Confluence.

The council waited until after executive session to discuss the resolution to set 2023 salaries. They went into executive session at 7:52 p.m.


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