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City Council addresses licensing, zoning, and hiring matters

The Tea City Council met July 24 with council president Jim Erck running the meeting in the absence of the mayor.

The council removed the water rates and HRC Board appointment from the agenda.

They held a public hearing for a new retail on-off sale malt beverage and South Dakota farm wine licenses. They approved the licenses for G&T Gaming Inc. DBA Dakota Players Club B and C.

The council also held a public hearing for the first reading of ordinance 308, an ordinance to rezone phase 2B and 3 in Nine Mile Lake Addition from agriculture to single family residential (R1) and multi-family residential (R2) and amending the official zoning map of the city. Planning and zoning administrator Kevin Nissen said the area would be a high-end twinhome community.

The council reviewed the zoning for Pure Bliss Cannabis. The business received a conditional use permit for 1930 E. Gateway Blvd. However, the current landowner is hesitant to put up a building . They have a possible new location at Bakker Landing that would require a new CUP. Erck said they need to consult with legal counsel on what the next steps would be in regard to the initial lottery and changing locations. No action was taken.

Nissen updated the council on the engineering plans and site plan for the Tempo Addition Development. Since the property is outside of city limits, the county has the zoning requirements. HDR engineer Ben Scholtz said that the plans meet most of the development requirements that they have in the city.

The council approved the engineering plans for block 12 & 13 in Heritage Addition. The plans call for commercial use along Gateway and Heritage and a section on the north end of the property for four-plexes.

They approved the hiring of seasonal employees of Morgan Sehr for summer rec at $14 per hour, Victoria Bartel for summer rec at $14 per hour, Klayton Sattler for baseball field supervisor at $15 per hour and Kjerstin Hansen for softball field supervisor at $15 per hour.

They also approved the plats for lots 1A-15B, block 12 in Nine Mile Lake Addition, lot 25, block 12 in Nine Mile Lake Addition, lots 1-7, block 9 in Nine Mile Lake Addition, lots 22-26, block 4, lots 11-20, block 10, lots 1A, 2-6, block 11, lots 1-10, block 12 in Boulder Addition and lot 1 in Luschen Addition.

They approved the interior building permit for Bella & Birch Boutique.

They also approved a fireworks display permit from Mike Denning for a display on July 28 at the Athletic Complex.

The council went into executive session at 7:37 p.m.


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