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City council golf cart veto override attempt fails

At the June 15 Tea City Council meeting, Mayor John Lawler noted that he had submitted written notice of his veto on the golf cart ordinance to the finance officer within 10 days of the ordinance passing.

Finance officer Dawn Murphy noted that the law allows a mayor to veto an ordinance if written notice is given within 10 days of passage. The ordinance had passed the council June 1 and Lawler had submitted his veto notice June 5.

Councilman Joe Weis made a motion to approve the ordinance. Sid Munson seconded. Council members Weis, Munson and Todd Boots voted in favor of the ordinance. Casey Voelker and Chuck Ortmeier voted no. Councilman Jim Erck was absent with notice from the meeting. The veto stands because four votes in favor were needed to get the ordinance to pass.

The council approved a conditional use permit for Lacy’s Struttin’ Mutts at 401 N. Heritage Parkway. She is expanding her business and the new location has more space for her indoor boarding and grooming. This will give her three times more space then she currently has.

Planning and zoning administrator Kevin Nissen provided a first reading of ordinance #278 to rezone tracts 1, 1A, 4 and lot 2, block 6 in Bakker Landing Addition from Ag/Rural Service District to Planned Development District.

They also held the first reading of ordinance #276, an ordinance extending the agreement with Vast, and the first reading of ordinance #277, an ordinance extending the agreement with Midcontinent Communications.

City administrator Dan Zulkosky consulted with the city attorney on a property at 110 W. 3rd St. The owners have been tried to be reached several times but unsuccessfully. The council approved the nuisance resolution.

Travis Harford from Tea Park and Rec said that baseball and softball practices started May 30. Those have been going well, but noted a couple of hand sanitizer dispensers have been vandalized. The council approved park and rec moving into phases 2 and 3 which will allow ball teams to travel to other towns to play games.

The council approved the Bakker Landing phase 1 development plan. They also approved the site plan and building plans for Casey’s in Bakker Landing. Nissen said the site plan and building plan look good. The proposed sign, 100 feet in the air, will need FAA approval and would need a conditional use permit.

Nissen noted the building plan for Skogen contractor shops at 2010 Venture St.

The site plan has already been approved. The building plans call for a 12,000-square-foot building. He also reported on building plans for Schwartzle Construction’s mixed use building on North Main. The council approved both.

They approved the site plan for Leyva in lot 11, block 4, Hagedorn Industrial Park Addition.

Boots questioned the payment of $5,200 for membership to Lincoln County Economic Development Association (LCEDA). Munson also questioned the fee. In the past, they have not received much for their dues. Zulkosky noted LCEDA got a new executive director and thinks that he will make some changes. The council approved the June claims minus the LCEDA dues until they hear more from them.

They also approved the personnel handbook.

Ben Scholtz with HDRreported that last year they received a quote for aeration and sludge removal for the lagoons last year, but the bid was exceedingly high so they only did the aeration last year. They will work to get another quote this year.

The council adjourned at 8:07 p.m.


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