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City discusses 85th Street project

The Tea City Council met April 1 and discussed the 85th Street project.

City administrator Justin Weiland noted that the estimated project cost has gone up to $7 million, with the city’s responsibility going from the estimated $2.5 million a year ago to $3.5 million. Part of the increase comes from changing the two intersections from asphalt to concrete and putting a 16-inch water main under the Sundowner intersection.

Weiland and HDR engineer Ben Scholtz said they have been meeting with the city of Sioux Falls about the timing of the project.

After much discussion on how to break the project into two parts, Tea city councilors prioritized the construction of 85th Street and Sundowner Avenue and plan to split the project as close to 50 percent in the 2024 budget and 50 percent in the 2025 budget. 

Besides Sundowner Avenue, the project includes 85th Street and constructing a roundabout at Tea-Ellis Road.

The council held two public hearings where no one from the public commented.

In the first public hearing, they approved the transfer of the retail on-off sale malt beverage and South Dakota farm wine license from Rivals to My Games at 1500 N. Main Ave. Suites 1A & 1B in the Carl Soukups Addition.

The second public hearing was for a conditional use permit for a group home daycare at 105 N. Jenny Ave. The council approved the CUP with the condition that they put a fence in the backyard by Oct. 1.

They also approved the property tax abatement for Otto Hagedorn after the land was misclassified.

The council reviewed the 2022 annual report and the 2023 cash balance transfer.


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