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City hears three ordinances

The Tea City Council met Nov. 20 and read three ordinances.

They approved the second reading of ordinance 311, a rezone of lot 1, block 3 in Gateway Addition from rural service district ag to general business.

The council held a first reading of ordinance 312, an ordinance amending the municipal ordinance by amending chapter 2, adding section 2.03, city council composition and terms. City administrator Justin Weiland said the ordinance will adjust the terms for council members and the mayor from two years to three years. If passed after the second reading, it would go into effect Jan. 1.

They held the first reading of ordinance 313, an ordinance amending chapter 5, sections 5.04(h), the cannabis ordinance. The suggested amendment would be to transfer the license from one address to another. It would still require a public hearing and an application to transfer the license.

Weiland provided the council with an estimate from Pinnacle Indoor Sports to do a market study. The council approved the study at $22,500. Weiland noted this process is very much in the infancy.

The council approved a conditional use permit for a temporary retail building for Pure Bliss Medical Cannabis at 1930 East Gateway Boulevard while they build their permanent structure. They have an agreement with a neighboring business to use their restrooms for the temporary structure. The approval calls for a 90-day administrative review. Pure Bliss plans to start on the permanent structure this week.

The council also approved the interior building plans for Pure Bliss Medical Cannabis. The space is 2,310 square feet.

They approved the annual service plan of $3,670 for HVAC services from PrairieSons to service the Law Enforcement Center.

The council approved two pay applications - one for the Brian Street sewer extension from Alliance Construction for $75,851.50. That project is complete and came in nearly $49,000 under budget. The other pay app was for Hagedorn Industrial Park from ASCO for $24,140.52. This was also the final payment and also came in under budget.

In Weiland’s report, he noted he is doing research on a website update and agenda management system. He also noted bids for the stoplight at Gateway Boulevard and Bakker Landing have been opened and will be presented at the Dec. 4 meeting.

He also followed up with Woody Houser on his development that has had drainage concerns. He is working to extend the storm sewer pipe to the pond on the west side of the property.

They went into executive session at 7:44 p.m.


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