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Council approves plans for City of Tea law enforcement center

The Tea City Council met April 19 and reviewed the site plan and building plan for the city’s new law enforcement center.

The council approved the site plan and building plans to construct a 6,390 square foot law enforcement center at 520 Figzel Court.

They also approved the building plans for Preferred Side Storage on Linda Avenue in the Hagedorn Industrial Park Addition. The building plans call for a 5,610 square foot storage building.

The council approved a resolution to vote in favor of dissolving the Minnehaha County Economic Development Association and the Lincoln County Economic Development Association and forming the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance. City administrator Dan Zulkosky will be the representative at the meeting.

They approved two resolutions for 272nd Street improvement for drinking water facilities improvements and sewer facilities improvements.

The council approved a resolution of necessity for Gateway Boulevard for Jongeling Tract 4. They also approved a resolution establishing a special tax classification. The classification adjusts the property tax abatement for multi-family and goes into effect for taxes payable in 2022.

They approved the concrete pay application for $443,256.53 from D & G Concrete for the Gateway Boulevard project. They also approved a variance for Waldner Construction at 110 and 120 East Ivy Road because the footings were 0.1 inches too far in the side yard.

Paula Erich with BSA Troop 99B and 99G addressed the council in public comments. Her troops are working on conservation projects that will involve informing the public about emerald ash borer by tying ribbons around ash trees in town and planting trees.

Zulkosky said they have begun interviews for the administrative assistant position and bid opening was happening this week for the law enforcement center.

HDR engineer Ben Scholtz said they are widening the Vermeer side of the highway temporarily so they can do water main work. The 1st Street project will begin this week on the gravel portion of the road.

Outgoing councilman Chuck Ortmeier attended his last meeting as a councilor after 13 years of service. The council thanked him for his work.


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