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Council approves street maintenance assessment

During a short meeting, Tea City Council concluded all of the business on their agenda in under twenty minutes.

The Street Maintenance Assessment, Resolution 20-11-16, was the only item on the agenda to pass with a split vote. Council member Joe Weis was the lone vote against this $1.00 assessment. This resolution, updated annually for the purpose of maintaining and repairing street surfacing or pavement, will assess $1.00 per front foot. This is an increase of $.40 in 2019. All lots in the City of Tea fronting and abutting a street shall be assessed on the front foot basis.

In other business Council approved the consent agenda, which included Oct. 19 minutes, November bills and Todd Boots City Council Ward 3 resignation, as he has moved out of Ward 3. Council appointed Todd Boots to the Planning and Zoning Board.

Under Zoning, the site plan and building plans for Granite Avenue Town-homes were approved. The building plans submitted by VanOvershelde Companies shows two 8-plexes that are single family attached units with single garage. Two buildings inside the loop are 12-plexes with 6 upper units. Each unit will have an attached single garage.

Council approved Resolution 20-11-15, this resolution provides for a city wide property drainage fee.

Council also approved several purchase contracts for Wetland Functional Capacity Unit Credits for the Gateway Boulevard Phase 2 project.

Tea City Council is scheduled to meet again Nov. 16th.


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