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CrossFit 605 opens in Tea

Above: CrossFit 605 owners Tom and Karly Rychlik. They opened Jan. 2.

By Wendy Sweeter

Residents have a new place to workout in Tea as of Jan. 2.

Tom Rychlik and his wife, Karly, opened CrossFit 605 at 27065 Katie Road, Unit B this week. They have dreamed of opening a gym for 13 years and after doing CrossFit in Colorado the last four years, they became level 1 coaches after the encouragement of their gym owner. They enjoyed that so much they achieved level 2. In 2023, they are going for their level 3. Their goal is to get to the maximum level of level 4.

The Rychliks met while working out and still share that love to this day.

“We went to all these commercial gyms and we’d find these programs and try to work out and it just ultimately, the goals we were looking for and looking to achieve wouldn’t happen and we just felt like something was missing,” Rychlik said. “We then decided to move into powerlifting.”

After about five years of powerlifting, they decided to try something new. That something was CrossFit. At first, he thought it would be intimidating, but he loved it and loves the community feeling.

“CrossFit is for everybody. It’s fun. It’s safe. We’ve worked with kids all the way up to senior citizens. All the movements are scalable based on the individual and their needs,” he said. “The community was incredible.”

Rychlik wants those walking into their gym to leave their worries at the door.

“Whether it’s personal, work, life stresses, we want to promote the best hour of their day. We want them to walk in and not have to worry about what the workout’s going to be,” he said.

The Rychliks moved to southwest Sioux Falls in June after looking at the area since March. They started looking at properties in Tea in July for their gym and took possession Nov. 1.

“When we were talking about relocating, there was something drawing us to Sioux Falls. When we were doing our research, we came across YouTube videos. Everything just fell into place. Every decision we were making led us to here,” he said.

It took them a while to find the perfect place. They finally came across their location that was most recently a mechanic shop.

“We were looking around to find a space throughout Tea and couldn’t really find anything so we were presented this. The realtor said they had to warn us there was a mechanic in there and didn’t know what it looked like. I entered the door and called my wife and said you have to come down here to see this. We saw the potential of the space. It looks great. It’s everything that we were hoping for and more,” Rychlik said.

Currently, they will offer two classes in the morning and two classes in the evening, as well as Saturday. They are closed on Sundays.

“It’s been pretty quick. 2022 has been a whirlwind. It’s been a challenge, nerve wracking, scary, but it’s been fun and exciting at the same time,” Rychlik said.


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