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Dart Boutique celebrates second year in business

This past week Dart Boutique owner Leslie Dolby, along with the Tea Chamber for Development, held a ribbon cutting for the boutique’s second anniversary.

“We had planned to do the ribbon cutting last year for our one-year anniversary,” said Dolby, “but we were closed during that time for Covid precautions.”

Since the Boutique has been open, Dart has been providing residents of Tea and the surrounding areas with primarily women’s clothing in sizes small to 3x. They also have accessories and unique gift items for all ages.

Dolby opened the boutique because she wanted a place “where everyone felt welcome.”

A place that people could shop and find something to wear that would fit them and bring them joy no matter their size, age or background.

Dolby said the best part of being the owner of the boutique is “meeting new people.”

Some of the regular customers have become her friends and she said never would have met them had she not opened the doors to Dart.

Looking forward, Dolby said she is excited for the store to continue to grow. With over half of their time in business being during a pandemic, the store has definitely experienced some highs and lows over the past two years. Through it all though, Dolby said, they have come out, “stronger and better.” They are ready to take on the future, she added.

The future will still include their motto of, “where fun meets chic.” They will still continue to offer the wide range of apparel and gift items and will be expanding on that. Some fun and exciting things to look forward to are an exclusive new collection just for Dart. They will also be adding one-of-a-kind vintage and recycled apparel and homemade treasures made by the Dart creative team.

Even though many people say that the store looks small from the outside the owner encourages everyone to stop in and take a look at what the store has to offer. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find when you step inside.

Dart Boutique is located at 615 East Brian Street, Suite B, Tea.


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