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DART expands — adding collaborative creative space

DART Boutique owner Leslie Dolby snatched up the space next to her retail store this month.

Dolby is using the suite for a collaborative creative space. She originally had a small studio space in the back of the boutique, but now this area will allow creative people a place to take or teach lessons.

“As soon as we found out the space was available we jumped on it because this was always kind of in the plan, but we first had to start with just that small little studio space,” she said. “Now that there was another suite open in the building we could expand and do what we originally intended to do.”

The suite was occupied by Fresh Talent and Dolby did not have to do much for updates to the space. She is using the doors, trim, carpet and photo backdrop wall that Fresh Talent had in the space. She does plan to paint the photo studio areas a bright white.

DART Studio Space offers two photography studio areas, a small kitchen, large open area for some small events, art space, TV lounge and viewing area, two music studios, and three offices for her use that will be used for storage and a t-shirt making area.

“The reason we wanted to start doing that is because generally our vendors for graphic tees only go up to size XL, but we carry sizes small through 3X. We wanted to make sure we could have the same type of shirt for all sizes. That’s why we wanted to start doing it ourselves. Plus we then we can do whatever sayings or pictures we want to put on there,” Dolby said.

She said DART will be primarily using the space, but then will offer photography sessions, music lessons and art classes to the public. They will also be offering the space to others.

“We are going to allow a few select memberships that creative people can use the space as their own office and just rent it out every month to do their own creative projects and teaching,” she said.

In DART Boutique, Dolby had a small studio space where she would take the pictures for the boutique business. She also has an area for teaching her music lessons in the back of the boutique that she plans to keep using for herself. Where the small studio was will become a warehouse area for the boutique.

Dolby expects DART Studio Space to be ready for use by other people by April 1. The studio space has its own website at and Facebook page.

“We’re calling this a collaborative creative space. There will be a space for people to sign up for things on the website,” she said.


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