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District celebrates student’s accomplishments

Sports Boosters Scholarship winners are pictured above.

Tea Area School District held its annual all school graduation May 16.

Graduating seniors were recognized for their achievements as they prepared for their graduation ceremony to be held May 21.

Salutatorian Isaac Johnson and Valedictorian Allyson Afrank received their medals.

Outstanding Fine Arts Girl was Chylee Thompson and Fine Arts Boy was Noah Hunter. Outstanding Sports Boy Athlete was Eric Munson and Sports Girl Athlete was Cassidy Gors.

tLINK awards Outstanding tLINK Community Youth Leaders. Annika Quamen received the Relationship scholarship, Cassidy Gors received the Education scholarship and Marissa Haupt received the Service scholarship. Taylor Van Emmerik received the Community Youth Leader of the Year.

The following students received the President’s Outstanding Academic Excellence Award: Brianna Adams, Noah Hurley, Maria Qualseth, Allyson Afrank, Isaac Johnson, Annika Quaker, Connor Elmers, Annika Malcom, Brynn Schupner, Ashlyn Goodall, Caleb Miller, Chile Thompson, Jenna Hageman, Jazmyn Nelson, Taylor Van Emmerik, Marisa Haupt, Alex Pies, Derek Venhuizen, Elias Heier, Oliver Price and Maria Webb.

Winners of the Sports Boosters Scholarship included Connor Eimers, Cassidy Gors, Annika Quamen, Grace Stansbury, Jaxon Weber and Jeff Worth.

Music Boosters Scholarship winners were Annika Quamen and Chylee Thompson.

Josephyne Swanson and Annika Quamen received the Tea Area High School Teachers Scholarship.

Isaac Johnson, Jeslyn Huinker and Amber Aymar received the Tea Area Community Scholarship.

Isaac Johnson received the Justin Lake College Scholarship and Cassidy Gors received the Ethan David Chapman Scholarship. Connor Eimers and Taylor Van Emmerik received the Harvey Bossman Memorial Scholarship.

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