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Donations being accepted for Project Summer Fun: Sylvan Learning looks to help Tea Area students

Tea Area School parent and co-owner of Sylvan Learning Michelle McGuckin is on a mission. She hopes to collect donations to purchase summer fun items for Tea Area School District students.

She said, “Project Summer fun is a fundraising drive with the mission of providing the Tea Area children, who are the foundation and future of our community, with games and toys that promote summer fun during this unique time. Providing our children with these tools will enable them to play outside, increase their creativity, and explore their own backyards. With the help of the community we can come together and make this a summer our children can remember but for all the right reasons!”

McGuckin said they will be focusing on the 243 Tea Area students that expressed interest in the Angel Tree list and the Backpack Program. After evaluating how to distribute the Summer Fun items, it was determined to do so in conjunction with the COVID-19 Food Response Giveaway. This means that Sylvan Learning has more time to collect donations and the Summer Fun items will get to the kids that first giveaway in June.

McGuckin anticipates the cost to sponsor a student will be around $35 to $40. Monetary donations may be sent to Sylvan Learning, 4816 S Technopolis Dr, Sioux Falls, SD 57106. Those with questions may reach out to McGuckin at 605-362-4885.

Various ideas for games and toys she plans to purchase include: Footballs, Basketballs, Soccer balls, Playground ball, Chalk, Bubbles, Water Balloons, Water Guns, Hula Hoops, Bug Catchers, Sprinklers, Frisbees, Jump ropes, Arts and Crafts, Puzzles, Seeds or Plants, Board Games, Decks of cards, Cars and trucks.


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