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Financial advisor moves office to new Tea location

By Garrett Ammesmaki,


After two years of planning, Lennox local Casey Jorgensen moved his Edward Jones financial advising office to Tea last month.

Jorgensen has lived in Lennox for 16 years. His office was previously located in Sioux Falls.

“I’m sleeping a lot better at night now that I’m here and it’s almost done,” he said.”It’s cut my commute time in half, and I don’t have to fight traffic anymore.”

At the time of our interview, he was still waiting on some furniture and some art to hang up around the office, but he said his location at 900 N. Main Ave. is fully operational.

While his plans were interrupted over the last two years by the pandemic, as well as finding the perfect spot for his office, Jorgenson was finally able to make the move in July and is ready to service the people of the area.

Jorgensen services clients across the area and country, and is happy he made the move to Tea. For his clients on the west side of Sioux Falls, the spot is more convenient, and being right next to B&G Milkway means he gets to treat himself a couple times a week, he said.

And, despite the move, he was able to retain 100 percent of his clients.

“In today’s climate, I have clients across the country — Texas, Colorado, Hawaii, but I also have clients all over the local area,” he said. “The business isn’t what it was 10 years ago — now, you have a connection to the world.”

While the interconnectedness of the world has changed, Jorgensen said that financial planning isn’t much different — regardless of the current fluctuations in the market and conflict across the world.

“If we’re doing it right, these various obstacles that come up don’t really get in the way of our goals,” he said. “If we’re investing properly, if we’re planning for things properly, there’s always going to be something — there could be inflation, there could be a war somewhere, there could be a pandemic — there’s always something — and that’s our job, to think of what those potential barriers might be.”

“The goal when planning for finances is different for every individual everywhere,” he continued. “Some people’s biggest priority is getting out of debt. Some people, their primary concern is retirement. Some people want to make sure their kids have resources to go to school like they didn’t have growing up. We’re all different, we all have a different path. That’s my job — to help.”

“I’m really thrilled to be in Tea,” Jorgensen added. “We’re fully functional, so stop by and check it out.”


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