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Finny Mini Farm and Sanctuary: A new opportunity to experience farm life near Tea

Many children growing up today never truly get to experience agriculture and farm life. The owners and operators of Finny Mini Farm and Sanctuary outside of Tea, South Dakota are bringing farm life access to children in the area.

Last Saturday the family opened up their recently purchased farm place for visitors to come and see a variety of different animals. The most memorable for many would be Clyde the sheep. Clyde was not shy by any means but was a gentle soul who was perfect for the children to experience a sheep for the first time. Clyde loved being fed by the children and adults alike.

The other animals available to feed included a variety of goats and pigs. This did not complete the large variety of animals either. The farm included chickens, geese, turkeys and even a hedgehog.

Along with getting to pet, feed and see numerous animals those in attendance had the chance to ride on hale bales on a trailer being pulled by a tractor. During the ride, the owner of the farm Steve Meland stopped and took the opportunity to show the riders corn straight from the field. During this time Meland talked about the purpose of wanting to be a part of this farm and sanctuary.

“Many kids don’t know where their food comes from,” he said, as he showed the kids that their food comes from field.

Steve, along with his wife Laura, own the farm, but their daughter Lizzie is the one who came up with idea for the farm. Lizzie lives on the property and named the farm after one of the goats. Finnegan is the goat who started it all. He is the Finny in Finny Mini Farm and Sanctuary.

The group has plans to continue to add more events. The next event will be in October for their Fall Fest. More details and a date to follow. To keep up to date on the activities and events or to book your own event at the farm be sure to follow them on Facebook.


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