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Food distribution receives $2500 grant from TACF

In 2023, the Tea Area Community Foundation continued its commitment to serving the local community by awarding a grant to food distribution efforts of Trinity Lutheran Church. The church holds monthly food distribution event in partnership with Feeding South Dakota. The grant, totaling $2,500, not only supported the distribution of essential food items but also helped acquire non-food essentials such as toiletries and hygiene products.

The food distribution event, a lifeline for many local families, relies on the collaborative efforts of both Feeding South Dakota, responsible for providing the food, and dedicated community members who handle the logistics of ordering and distributing the items. The distribution takes place once a month at Trinity Lutheran Church and has grown to become a vital resource, with over 100 local families benefiting from it.

To participate in the food distribution, preregistration by area residents is mandatory.

Pictured above are volunteers of the food distribution with the grant check awarded by the Tea Area Community Foundation.

In addition to food items, the Tea Area Community Foundation recognized the need for non-food essentials that many families require. The foundation directed a portion of the grant, $2,500, to procure items such as toilet paper and shampoo, ensuring that families receive more comprehensive support.

The commitment of the Tea Area Community Foundation to these initiatives underlines their dedication to the welfare of the community. It exemplifies the foundation’s role in making a positive impact on the lives of local residents and addressing critical needs.

If anyone would like to donate money to the foundation to help fund activities like this in the future, they may send a check to: Tea Area Community Foundation, PO Box 153, Tea, SD 57064

Your contribution can help fund activities like the food distribution program at Trinity Lutheran Church, ensuring that the foundation continues to serve the community for years to come.


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