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Lewis Pharmacy to hold vaccination clinic for District staff

On Monday, March 8 the Tea Area School Board held their regular monthly meeting.

The meeting began with Tea Area High School student council representatives presenting their report. They noted they are hoping to plan a bean bag tournament in March, a blood drive in the future and a ‘Homegoing’ week in May, which would include dress up days like they do for Homecoming.

Tea business manager, Chris Espring, presented her report which included election dates and deadlines. Two seats are up for re-election, Jason Bennett and Conrad Pick. Espring noted the first date to start circulating petitions will be April 6. On May 7 nominating petitions will be due. Espring also said since the District’s enrollment is over 2,000 students, candidates will be required to file a Financial Interest Statement. If only two petitions are turned in, they will automatically become the new school board members. New members will be sworn in during the month of July.

Superintendent Jennifer Lowery told the board that Lewis Pharmacy will be providing an on site clinic for District staff to be vaccinated on March 17 with a second dose date of April 16.

“We are very grateful for Lewis reaching out,” said Lowery.

In old business, the board reopened discussion about Prom. A request was made for the attendees of prom to be defined as prior COVID years, which essentially was a request for out-of-town guest to be invited.

Parents were on hand to discuss their reasons for bringing forth the request with the major concern being their sons or daughters had boyfriends or girlfriends that were outside of the district.

Duane Gors, whose daughter is a junior, was thankful for all that the board has done for the students thus far but wanted to see prom opened up to outside guests.

“The seniors have sacrificed so much because of this terrible, terrible virus… as a former school board member you five people have the power and authority to give the juniors and seniors some sort of normalcy — they are feeling bitter and left out and disappointed,” said Gors.

Board president, Kristen Daggett, said the COVID Response Team met on March 3.

“The group is very sympathetic; it was a lot of hard discussion back and forth,” said Daggett of the committee.

There was some concern brought up during the committee meeting about how it might impact graduation if perhaps there was a spread at Prom and also having the District’s staff tell out of District students to wear masks. Ultimately, Daggett said, the COVID Response Team reviewed the request but maintained their recommendation to have a Tea Area Titan only prom.

Discussion continued regarding the matter.

“I honestly have gone back and forth on this probably at least 15 times,” said board member Brett Waltner. “I’m on the fence on this; I thought we were past some of the tough COVID decisions.”

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