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Lil Friends joins the Daycare Centers in Tea

Recently Breann Stiefel and her husband Chris bought My Tea Tykes and renamed the daycare Lil Friends. This was after purchasing the Lil Friends centers in both Sioux Falls and Rapid City, SD about a year and half ago. When the opportunity presented itself the Stiefels couldn’t resist the chance to add to their group of centers.

While the Stiefels are new to the childcare world they are no strangers to owning their own businesses. Chris has owned his own construction business in Rapid City since 2002. The couple still live in Rapid City with their three daughters who are 9, 11 and 13. Breann said they live on both sides of the state, splitting their time between all of their locations.

The Stiefels are able to split their time between both sides of the state due to their amazing team. According to Breann Stiefel the “team is very family oriented and sees the big picture.” This allows the owners to trust the staff to take care of the children while they can’t be there physically every day.

Since taking over, the Stiefels plan to update the school aged building while some minor cosmetic updates. This includes new paint, updating some of the playground and redoing some of the flooring. Nothing major is planned for either building at this time.

The biggest change that parents have seen is the curriculum that is now being used in the center.

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