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Lincoln County still defined as having substantial community spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 cases continue to be added daily in Lincoln County. Since last week’s edition 79 positive cases have been added, bringing Lincoln County’s total of positive COVID-19 cases to 667 as of Wednesday, August 12.

Of those, 98 are currently active. In Lincoln County there are 567 recovered cases. Patients ever-hospitalized in the county has risen to 36. Two deaths are listed in Lincoln County.

Lincoln County is still defined as having substantial community spread.

The number of positive COVID-19 cases in the state of South Dakota are at 102 as of Wednesday, August 12, of those, 1062 are active cases. A total of 8,753 patients have recovered from the virus. Deaths in South Dakota due to COVID-19 have risen to 147. Currently hospitalized in South Dakota for the virus are 59patients.

As a country, according to John Hopkins University and Medicine, the United States has 5,163,509 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and 164,994 deaths as a result of COVID-19 as of August 12, 2020.


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