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Major Winter storm moves through area

Winter has officially made its entrance across the Midwest and Tea is no exception. The first major storm of the winter season moved through the region beginning on January 8 with wide spread snow developing, brining upwards of 1-2” of snowfall per hour. A rapid accumulation caused school to be called off on both Monday and Tuesday of last week. 

Wind gusts and cold temperatures played a factor later into the week with no travel being advised on both Friday, Jan. 12 and Saturday, Jan. 13 with a blizzard warning in effect for Saturday. School was called off again on Friday. 

The cold temperatures brought wind chill warnings to the area on Sunday and Monday and part of Tuesday. School was delayed on Tuesday, Jan. 16 due to the wind chill warning. 

To receive text alerts for the City of Tea regarding snow, water emergencies, etc. text “Tea” to 605-610-1383. 


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