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Murphy moves up to take over as new Park and Recreation Director

Colin Murphy of Tea, South Dakota has taken over as the Park and Recreation Director for the City of Tea recently. Murphy had been working as an administrative assistant at the city office during the winter while his other job was seasonal at a local golf course. During his time working at the city office Murphy has been handling the city’s water and sewer payments, assisting with chamber development and parks and recreation. When the position came available for Murphy to transition to a full time employee with the City of Tea, Murphy decided it was time to make the switch. The new position offers Murphy more of a work and life balance that he was missing at his other job.

Murphy will be handling many aspects of the parks and recreation department for Tea including the schedules of games, registrations for both players and coaches and both the adult and youth sports leagues that Tea offers. Tea currently offers the following sports to its youth: soccer, flag football, baseball and softball. The adult recreation program had started a co-ed volleyball league but due to Covid-19 had to forgo that sport this year. The adult program is where Murphy would like to see the program expand. He would like to add soccer as well as continue the co-ed volleyball league if possible. Only time will tell as to when this will be available to the community members.

Besides growing the adult leagues in Tea, Murphy doesn’t have much he wants to change. He wants to continue to build on the success they already have. Murphy is thankful that the program has grown to what it is today and that kids in the community are being active.

Murphy also is appreciative of what the previous director, Travis Harford, has done for the program. Both Harford and the Parks and Recreation board have done a tremendous job of making sure that the youth of Tea have a great experience that can’t be found everywhere. Murphy stated that the board “really cares” about the youth of this community.

Murphy looks forward to working with the community in the future. He wants everyone to know he is easy to work with, patient and dependable. He also knows that there are still things he will learn along the way and asks for patience as he does. If anyone does need something or has questions, please contact the city office. Communication is key to Murphy, he wants to continue to provide the best experience possible for the youth and adults in Tea.


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