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New approach to selling and buying homes

When you get ready to buy or sell your home you want the best. You want someone who is going to look at you as more than just a number or a dollar sign. The good news is that residents of Tea have another Realtor they can turn to for just this type of real estate experience.

Legacy LDRSHIP LLC, has recently moved into Tea. The team of Tricia Cook, Clay Anderson and Brittany Anderson are ready to help with all your real estate needs. This can range from commercial to residential real estate, investment properties or buying farm land and everything in between.

The team at Legacy LDRSHIP stated they have a “holistic perspective” when it comes to their clients. Real estate has more to it than just buying and selling a piece of property, they say. For example, taxes are a piece of real estate that many clients tend to not consider during the buying process. Clay Anderson talked about his law background and how that helps their clients avoid costly mistakes when it comes to capital gains taxes. This is something that their agency offers when working with their clients.

The team at Legacy LDRSHIP also talked about how important it is for those interested in working with a real estate agency to “do your due diligence.”

The team said that is the biggest mistake clients tend to make — rushing in to work with an agency. They suggest clients take time to select an agency that is going to work for you.

Clay Anderson even suggested to interview a couple of different real estate agents before selecting one.

Anderson said, “You can go anywhere, so why not go with the best.”

He said the best needs to be the best for you, and that interviewing different agencies can really help a client decide what they need and want.

Legacy LDRSHIP, now open in Tea, says they look forward to meeting the residents of the community.

The agency is also selling Caribou coffee in their building. Cook encourages residents to come and say hi and buy some coffee.


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