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New auditor in Lincoln County: Sheri Lund moves up from first deputy auditor

Lincoln County residents have a new auditor; however, Sheri Lund is not new to the auditor’s office. Lund has worked in the auditor’s office as the first deputy for the past six years. When the position became available, due to retirement, it felt like a “natural advancement” Lund said.

Lund is originally from the Hartford and Brandon area but currently lives in Worthing, South Dakota. She has three children and five grand children. Lund’s family has lived in Lincoln County for years though.

When asked what a typical day was like for her.

Lund replied, “No two days are the same.”

The auditor handles many different things for the county including county payroll, liens and voter registration files. Lund currently has five full time employees that she also oversees.

Lund’s favorite part of her job is being able to “see the gears moving” in the day to day operations of her local government. She also is excited to see the growth that is happening in Lincoln County.

Along with growth, there can come some issues. Lund’s biggest concern for Lincoln County is that she wants to “see our small towns grow, but still feel like small towns.”

Lund wants to continue to provide the residents of Lincoln County with excellent customer service when they come to the auditor’s office, despite the rising increase in population. She would also like to keep the election process running smoothly as well. The auditor’s office was able to do this in the most recent election despite having to run an election during a transition year and a pandemic. There were some minor hiccups she said, someone called in sick, but no major problems that couldn’t be handled quickly.

Lund is looking forward to continuing to work for the residents of Lincoln County and hopes to continue to evolve with the times as need be.

Lund wants to “think outside the box” to provide the quality service that residents of Lincoln County have come to expect from the auditor’s office.

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