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New business provides fresh pet food in Tea

When it comes to our pets many of us treat them just like another member of our family. We want the absolute best for our furry family members. This is what caused Herman Otten and Melissa Brandner-Otten to open up the new store front for their Pet Wants business in Tea.

Inside the new store you will find numerous treats and food varieties you won’t find anywhere else. All products must be free of corn, wheat and soy. It also cannot have fillers, preservatives, dyes or artificial ingredients in the product. Because of those requirements, all of the products in the store are actually human grade. Even though the store has a large variety of treats for dogs such as tracheas, bully sticks, cow ears and sweet potato sticks wrapped in chicken, they are looking forward to adding more products in the next few weeks.

Some of the new products will include more options for cats.

Currently Pet Wants in Tea has a few cat toys and tuna jerky for your feline friend. They are looking to add more soft treats for both cats and dogs in the near future. This is posing as a bit of a challenge as many of the soft treats are full of the fillers that make the treats not as safe and easy to digest as their current products.

Brandner-Otten did state that they “do not sell raw hides.” These are not a product that they will ever sell, she said, as they are not safe for dogs.

Besides treats, the number one seller and the main idea behind the entire store is their pet food. Pet Wants currently has three types of cat food and seven types of dog food. Unlike dog food you would buy in the store that can sit on the shelf for anywhere from 12 to 24 months, Pet Wants food in made fresh every six weeks. The pet food comes from a small family business in Ohio and is exclusively made for the Pet Wants franchisees.

One must truly set foot inside the Pet Wants store to be able to get see all the great products they offer for your pets. The Ottens have done an amazing job of providing a variety of different treats, toys, food and even spa products for pets.

So the next time you want to spoil your pet or even just find them a more fresh and healthy food option, then Pet Wants is the place to go.


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