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New club offers a new shot for high schoolers

High school students are taking their shot with a new archery club.

Seniors Aiden Parson and Jessica Skoog rekindled their interest in archery by joining the archery club. Parson experienced it as a Girl Scout and Skoog shot some archery in her backyard as a little girl.

“When I was a kid, I thought it was interesting because of the Hunger Games. I thought that was really cool and that’s

how I got into archery in the first place,” Parson said. “Me and Jessica saw the club and thought it would be fun to try.”

“I enjoyed it a lot when I was a kid because I didn’t have a place to do it. I wanted to join it to try to relearn some things,”

Skoog said.

With the club in its first year, everyone, including coach Amber Olafson, are learning together and learning as they go. Olafson took the class last year to become certified to offer an archery club in the school.

So far, club members have learned how to set up their bows, which of their eyes is dominant and safety.

“It’s a lot of trial and error so I’m just learning as we go, seeing what works and what doesn’t,” Skoog said.

Both Skoog and Parson agree that it has been fun meeting new people in the archery club.

“It’s been fun to meet new people. We’re all learning together so that’s been pretty fun,” Parson said.

The archery club is open to all high school students. They are trying to meet every Monday evening at the District Education Center, however, winter weather has been making it difficult to get practices in.

Despite having only a couple of practices so far this year, Skoog has been enjoying the club.

“I just like being here with my friends and it’s a fun teacher. I’m glad she started the club. It’s a lot of fun,” Skoog said.


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