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New daycare in Tea: Bright Foundations to open late February

Finding childcare can be one of the most difficult things new parents have to do. It is not only hard to let another person care for your child, but it can be hard to even find a spot at a daycare center or in-home daycare these days.

Emily Olsen and her husband Eric found out just how hard it was when they started having kids of their own. The Olsen’s have three young boys and said that finding childcare for all of them has been a challenge. After living in Tea for the past 10 years the Olsens decided that since they were having a hard time finding childcare maybe other parents were too. This was how the idea for the new daycare center came about.

Bright Foundations will be the newest childcare center in Tea with an opening date scheduled for the end of February. The Olsens ultimately decided to build the center in Tea because they feel it is a great community to operate a small business in and there are a growing number of families looking for quality childcare.

The focus of Bright Foundations and the Olsens is that they want, “any child to be able to come to daycare,” said Emily.

The staff will be trained to accommodate any needs that a child may have. The environment will also be an inclusive one in which all children will be welcome. The curriculum will focus on emotional and social development, along with communication skills.

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