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New ward map adopted for City of Tea

The January 3, 2022 Tea City Council meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. After the agenda was approved, the City Council consent agenda was approved, which included the December 20, 2021 minutes and the January 3, 2022 bills.

With no comments during the public comment section the meeting continued with the approval of City Administrator Dan Zulkosky as the representative, and Planning & Zoning Administrator Kevin Nissen as the alternate, for the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance for the 2022 calendar year.

The next item on the agenda for the evening was HDR Engineering, Inc. on-call contract. The contract was similar to what it has been in previous years and the rates were similar for their staff as in the past. The contract was approved.

The council proceeded with the second reading of Ordinance 291, an Ordinance amending the Municipal Ordinances of the City of Tea by amending Ordinance 215, Section 2.02 Wards and Voting Precincts. This amendment will adjust the current voting wards in Tea. With the second reading passed, the new wards will be in effect for the next election. A map of the new wards is pictured at right. Ward One shall include the following areas: South of First St., West of N. Main Ave., South of W. Brian St.; Ward Two shall include the following areas: North of W. Brian St., West of N. Main Ave., North of Gateway Boulevard (271st St/CR 106); Ward Three shall include the following areas: East of N. Main Ave., North of E. 1st St., South of Gateway Boulevard (271st St/CR 106).

The council also discussed Resolution 22-01-01, a resolution adopting a schedule of fees, charges and expense for permits, change of zone, appeals and other matters pertaining to the city of Tea zoning ordinance. During their discussion council members brought up different percentage amounts to raise the fees to become current with other cities in the surrounding areas including Brandon and Harrisburg.

The fees have not been raised or adjusted since 2012. Jim Erck motioned to increase the fees the suggested 40 percent and Joe Weis seconded the motion. The motion passed.

The council then moved to enter into executive session.

Following their executive session, the monthly meeting continued with Resolution 22-01-02, a resolution setting 2022 salaries. The meeting was then adjourned.


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