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Petersen Meats: Revolutionizing meat delivery with farm-to-table experience

Knowing where food comes from is becoming more and more important as prices increase and quality decreases in big chain stores. Petersen Meats is looking to change the stigma of low-quality meats delivered right to your door with a farm to table experience.

Growing up on a farm, brother and sister team, Jon and Brittany Petersen learned the ins and outs of raising animals and the benefits of having fresh meat growing up. 

Eventually taking the reigns on a farm of his own, Jon began buying, raising, and selling meat to the industry. In 2015, an idea to offer locally sourced meat and cut the middleman out of the process struck Jon and a new business model took off. 

“The meat is still raised by us, or we have someone that helps us to raise them when space is tight on our farm,” said Brittany Petersen, Owner and Sales and Marketing Chief.

In the early years, Petersen primarily sold to family and friends in the Porter, Minnesota area. As the business expanded, the core values of quality, affordability, and satisfaction remained and grew the business to what it is today. 

“Once Covid hit, there was such a need for products as grocery stores were empty, prices were high, and people simply didn’t want to leave the house, so we invested in freezer vans to grow the business further,” said Petersen.

Petersen Meat’s goal is to cut the middle man out of the process to be able to deliver butcher quality meat to your doorstep. 

“Our objective is to deliver a quality product at a competitive rate in a timely manner and our focus is on quality meaning hormone free, antibiotic free, confinement free, well fed animals. We work with only the best butcher ships to process our meat,” she said.

Customer satisfaction begins with having a wide variety of products that are cut according to federal standards. “We get our meat which includes chicken, lamb, pork and beef all from a USDA inspected butcher shop who does all of our processing and customers can get their orders wrapped in freezer paper or vacuum sealed before going into our temperature controlled vans which keep meat frozen at 0°,” Petersen said.

Petersen Meats has found a whole community of support and buyers through Facebook by posting a photo of the route they plan to take and planning visits in their mobile meat vans. Keeping an active Facebook page lets Petersen Meat customers know which days they will be in the area and what they have to offer each trip. 

“We travel all over Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota and parts of Iowa. Keeping up with our Facebook page, Petersen Meats, is a great way to find where we are on our route and when we will be in your area,” she said.

Petersen Meats delivers to the Tea Area about twice a month. Visit their Facebook page to determine their next stop in the area. 

Placing an order with Petersen Meats can be done a variety of ways. 

“Of course, we have our Facebook page, but our customers or future customers can also reach us through email, phone or by visiting our website. We also have an app that tracks the vans location so our customers can always see where it is,” Petersen said.


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