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Property owners appeal property tax increase

The Tea City Council met March 15 as the Local Board Of Equalization. During this meeting each resident who submitted an application for appeal by Thursday, March 11 had the chance to appeal their property tax increase. Prior to appeals, Mayor John Lawler informed city members that the county saw a baseline increase of seventeen percent across the board. Lawler mentioned other communities and their property tax increases as well citing the following: Worthing at 15%, Beresford at 15%, Lennox at 20%, Harrisburg at 7% this year and 6% last year compared to Tea with zero last year and 17% this year.

During the meeting the following residents appealed their property taxes in person. Ryan Jorgenson, Darren and Cynthia Farwell, Julie Baatz, Adam Struck, and Brett and Sarah Waltner.

During his appeal Jorgenson brought up that the property value should be eighty-five percent of the fair market value of the home. Mayor Lawler stated that according to the county there is a range starting at eighty-five percent but not exceeding one hundred percent of the fair market value. Lawler also stated that most counties try to be in the ninety to ninety-five percent range.

There was a total of eighteen properties up for appeal at Monday’s meeting. Along with another six properties that had already settled with the county by the property owners prior to the meeting. Mayor Lawler also stated that each of the eighteen appeals would then be passed onto the county for approval or denial.

Immediately following the hour and a half Board Of Equalization meeting the City Council proceeded with their regularly scheduled meeting. On the proposed agenda were the following plats: lots a) 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A, Block 1, Ma’s & Pa’s Addition, City of Tea, b) Lot1, Block 1, Boulder Addition, c) Lot 1, Block 6, Bakker Landing 1st Addition. Joe Weis made the motion to approve the agenda. The motion was seconded. The motion passed.

The council heard the first reading of ordinance 285, Rezone Ma’s & Pa’s Addition from AG-Agriculture to R1-Residential. Herman Otten submitted a proposal to rezone the property to be used for residential lots. With the A lots being in the flood plan. This rezoning would be for R1 or single-family residential zoning.

After hearing the first reading the city council moved onto the building permits/site plans. First on the agenda was the site plan and building plans for Dollar Fresh HyVee. Chuck Ortmeier made the motion to approve the site and building plans. It was seconded. The motion passed.

Next the foundation permit for the Advanced Auto Spa Car Wash was discussed. Weis made the motion to approve the foundation permit. The motion was seconded. The motion failed. The city council would like to have more information and more photos of the building before approving the foundation permit.

The city council then proceeded to discuss the building and site plans for Koch Insurance Building. The motion to approve the plans was made, seconded, and passed.

The last building and site plans on the agenda were for King Contractor Shops. The motion to approve the plans was made, seconded, and passed.

The final item on the agenda was the Resolution of Proposed Resolution of Necessity-Gateway Boulevard. The motion was made to approve the resolution was seconded and passed.

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